tracks your gas mileage over time

Car Fuel-up diary is for managing the fuel-up history, ability to stay on top of fuel consumption of your car and control of money you spend on fueling the car.

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Calculate your vehicle's fuel economy. Track your usage over time and monitor changes to your driving habits. Keep on top on the health of your vehicle.

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Save fuel-up details

Have your fuel-up events properly logged, available per to see on weekly, monthly, 30-days or yearly view.

Access to gaz consumption analytics

You have access to gallon/100 miles, MPG, $/mile, $/gallon bar charts for selected period

You have full access to your fuel-up data

Save, edit, add imaged, geolocation details and images related to fuel-ups. Save pay-slip image for later reference, share it by email.

Use favorites

Remember the best fuel-up events to get instant navigation direction

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